• Card infomation

Card infomation

Free to own and inexpensive to use

It costs nothing to acquire our tanking card, no fees or minimum purchase requirements. The only thing you are charged for is your own consumption of fuel.


Always discount

We always offer discounted fuel prices to our customers and we strive to offer the best possible terms at any time.


Less waiting time

When you register in our system and use the Bunker Oil fuel card in our self-service automated stations, you will benefit from less waiting time on the terminals.


Monthly invoice

All of our customers with Bunker Oil fuel card  receive invoices monthly. It helps you to keep track of your consumption.


Get even better prices with the Bunker Oil TANKING CARD!

You always get the discounts and benefits of using the Bunker Oil tanker card. If you use our refueling card every time you refuel and rinse liquid at our stations, you will get even better prices in the form of good discounts. We guarantee a minimum of 40 ø / l including VAT. in discount on the pump price (when this is lower than the average of the month's list prices). Bunker Oil's list prices are the lowest in the market!

You can use the Bunker Oil card around the clock at all our facilities along the coast, as well as all our self-service automatic stations.

Save even more! Get the refueling card here

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Bunker Oil Refueling Card:


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