• Code of ethics

Code of ethics

Code of Ethics  (14.06.2019)

The Code of Ethics is a mandatory requirement to everyone who works in Bunker Oil AS. Our code of Ethics for Business addresses ethical conduct in our work environment, business practises and relationship with external stakeholders.

In Bunker Oil AS everyone benefits from practicing and promoting ethical behaviour. Honesty and integrity foster a positive work environment that strengthens the confidence of all our stakeholders.

In Bunker Oil AS we uphold the laws in all countries that we practice business, and behave in a manner that is beyond criticism.

All employees in Bunker Oil AS are obliged to familiarize themselves with and comply with the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact. (https://www.unglobalcompact.org/what-is-gc/mission/principles)

Bunker Oil AS is a drug and alcohol-free workplace. We will not tolerate anyone being under the influence of drugs or alcohol while at work for Bunker Oil AS.

Mr. Jan Magnus Kleven, CEO