• Community Involvement

Charity and Community Involvement

We are committed to be a contributor to a better community and supports several nonprofit organizations.

Tawanda school project in Zimbabwe
The association Tawanda school project was started in 2003 by Annlaug Teigene and Marit Kalvø from Ålesund. The Association carry out important work for poor children and youth in Zimbabwe. Bunker Oil's supports education for 265 students. You can read more about the project at: www.tawanda.no

In addition Bunker Oil has a long standing Christmas tradition in supporting charities. Each year we support these organizations with a total of 200,000, -. Our customers and business associates help to determine the distribution of support between the following organizations; The Salvation Army, The Rescue Company, The Cancer Assiciation, CARE, SOS Children's Villages, Actalliance, Save the Children - and the Tawanda school project. 

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