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I have entered the wrong PIN 3 times and the card is blocked. Do I need a new code?
When the PIN is entered incorrectly 3 times, the card will be locked for the next 24 hours. The card opens automatically after 24 hours and can be used again with the same PIN code.
I forgot / lost the PIN. Can I call Bunker Oil and get the code? Or can I get new code?

We do not store PINs in our systems. If the PIN code is forgotten / lost then we must block the card and send a new card and new code. We encourage you to try the PIN code with 3 attempts per. the day before giving up remembering the code.
The card opens automatically after 24 hours if it is blocked due to code misreading.
Therefore, remember to store the code in a smart place (but not with the card).
I have been late paying the Bunker Oil bill, and have received several reminders. The card has thus been blocked for use. Now everything is paid. Does the card open automatically?

Contact us by phone and we will open it manually.
Ålesund tel: 70 10 47 47
Tromsø tel: 77 66 41 20
Why is my card blocked?

There are several reasons why:
1. The card is blocked by default / omitted payment
2. The PIN has been entered incorrectly more than 3 times
I receive an error message when using the refueling card (Read error / Communication error / Card rejected)

1. There may be technical errors in our data line or card terminals.
In the event of communication errors, contact the service department on telephone: 97 43 64 53 or
2. It may be that the card is worn and damaged (de-magnetized). Contact us by phone: 70 10 47 47 or 77 66 41 20 or and we will send a new card.
3. It may be that the card is blocked due to default / omitted payment.
I have moved. Where do I report change of address?

We appreciate being contacted by phone: 70 10 47 47 (Ålesund) or 77 66 41 20 (Tromsø) or , so we can update our records. By announcing a new address we avoid getting your mail back.
My card is lost / stolen!

Contact us as soon as possible by phone: 70 10 47 47 (Ålesund) or 77 66 41 20 (Tromsø), so that we can block the card for use.
How do I apply for a Bunker Oil refueling card?

The easiest way is to fill out our application form on our website. After a short week you have the card ready for use. Please note that all our customers must be 18 years of age and that all applicants will be credit-rated (copies will be sent).

Can I have multiple cards registered with the same name?
Yes you can. You can also choose if you want to mark: the cards for a better overview (eg registration number, family member name, employee name, one card for each vehicle: boat, car, motorcycle, tractor ..) You can also choose if you want one invoice per card or collective invoice.
Can I use regular debit cards at Bunker Oil stations?

Yes you can. Then it is the stated pump price you pay. Remember that you get the best price / discount when using the Bunker Oil refueling card.
Is it profitable with Bunker Oil refueling cards rather than ATM / Visa and Mastercard?

Yes, it is - at all times. Bunker Oil strives to always deliver cheap fuel to people on the road. It should be equally beneficial for our customers to fill the tank every day of the week.




Invoice to our card customers is sent once per. month (the 30th of each month), with 15 days payment terms - unless stated otherwise. Prices with the Bunker Oil Tanking Card are based on the month's average list price minus discount. In cases where the pump price should be lower than the list price discount, the discount is increased so that your price is always lower!
How to get an E-invoice?
We offer e-invoicing. Instead of filling in long and difficult KID numbers, account numbers and amounts, you can get your invoice directly in your online bank. Approval of the information is all that is needed, and the invoice is paid on the due date.
Search for E-invoice providers in your online bank. Select Bunker Oil -> key 00 + Bunker Oil your customer number -> save / send.
We will receive your request for an E-invoice agreement. Once the agreement has been approved, you will receive a montly e-invoice  (on the 30th of each month) to your online bank.
How to proceed to get a direct debit?
Search for Autogiro providers in your online bank. Choose Bunker Oil -> Reference no. (Stated on the last invoice) -> save / send.
You then authorize your bank to transfer the agreed amount to the agreed date of payment.