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Bunker Oil AS will manage an efficient service-oriented and competent organization, through continuous development and necessary restructuring.

The operation must be based on safe operation, where HSE is at the forefront and all possibilities for protection against personal injury and environmental damage must be used. Our position is that all undesirable events can be avoided, our activities must be carried out in a proper, organized manner, so that human life and health, the external and internal environment, as well as material values ​​are safeguarded and no damage is done.

To ensure that we fulfill our responsibilities and obligations to our customers, employees, partners, suppliers and owners, we have committed ourselves to the following:

Active in the market, a partner and problem solver for our customers

Short response time on all types of inquiries

Facilitate that all employees can do improvement work

Deliver agreed quality at the agreed time and price

Meet customer requirements and applicable regulations we are subject to

Risk-based thinking throughout the organization

Avoid damage to personnel, the environment and financial consequences

Promoting healthy attitudes, and developing a good culture, is important to achieving our goals!