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Bunker Oil AS supplies fuel and Mobil lubricants to the coastal fleet, all types of marine vessels (supply fleet, fishing fleet, platforms, seismic vessels, shipyards, fisheries, cargo fleet and passenger boats / ferries / cruises).  Bunker Oil is the oil company that has the most tank terminals/delivery points of marine fuel along the Norwegian Coast. Our main facilities are located in Ålesund, Tromsø, Hammerfest, Båtsfjord, Kirkenes, Bergen, Sløvåg and Tananger, in addition  many delivery points / smaller tank terminals along the coast. See Facilities maps and info for more information.


Our oil tankers 'MT Kystbunker' and 'MT Kystbunker II' runs along the coast from Tananger in the South to Kirkenes in the North. The tankers carry fuel and lubricants. (For more information  see Our oil tankers.) In addition Bunker Oil have access to several oil tankers.  This gives us great local presence along the entire coastline.


We are the main supplier of Mobil lubricants in Norway. We provide the best coverage along the coast, and are ALWAYS AVAILABLE!


Quality is important and it commits!
With our expertise and size we are a solid supplier, with our local presence along the coastline we are flexible in our operations.


We also supply bunkers and lubricant deliveries in foreign ports.


Largest company along the Norwegian coast - we deliver where you are!