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New: HVO 100 Synthetic Biodiesel

Published: 03/30/2017
We have opened for sale of HVO 100 Synthetic Biodiesel at our station in Skarbøvika.

The VO 100 has properties close to ordinary diesel, and has several parameters that are better than fossil diesel.

HVO 100 is produced on plastic waste, residues from trees, vegetable oil and animal fats from offal.

The product is completely free of palm oils.

The product is 100% synthetic and will not have any of the previously known negative properties of FAME and RAPS Based Biodiesel. The product is clean and you do not need to change filters on the cars more often. Cold properties are as good as fossil diesel.

  • HVO 100 contains more energy, but has a somewhat lower weight.
  • HVO 100 gives 88% reduction of CO2 emissions and up to 10% on NOX.
  • HVO 100 will not cause any operating problems on any vehicle, but check with your local dealer for warranty..