MobilServ Oil Analysis

Customers of Bunker Oil and user of Mobil lubricants have the opportunity to use ExxonMobil's hypermodern program for oil analysis.

This program is tailored specifically to monitor critical indicators in used oil, based on specifications from leading equipment manufacturers and international standards. MobilServ delivers the knowledge you need to get a better understanding of the company's lubricants and equipment.

Today there is broad support for the use of condition-based maintenance practices in industry and shipping. Industry leaders and engineers are increasingly aware that oil analysis is an essential addition to any equipment monitoring program to document the savings and prevent downtime.

A successful oil analysis program can:

  • Ensure that the equipment is reliable
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Lower the total cost of owning equipment.
  • MobilServ Oil Analysis simplifies the monitoring process of lubricants while it ensures reliable results that help maintenance technicians to make the right decisions for their responsibilities. 

    MobilServ Oil Analysis provides informative reports on the condition of lubricants and equipment. These reports are supported by ExxonMobil superior flexibility, expertise and quality assurance.


    Perform multiple tasks more efficiently with MobilServ Oil Analysis Program.

    Online functions.

    The result obtained directly by mail. ExxonMobil supports your maintenance work through global OEM relationships and hands-on experience with lubricants.

    The quality

    Take confident decisions with the help and support of quality assurance.

    ExxonMobil offers.

    Fix objectives and a successful oil analysis program.
    Oil analysis is most effective as a trend tool for monitoring equipment and lubricant condition over time. An analysis of data over a specific time period provides insight that can help you maximize equipment life and reliability while reducing maintenance costs.

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