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Bunker Oil - It all starts in 1932....

1932 Magnus O. Kleven is appointed manager of A / S Norwegian Russian Oil Company, NO-RO-KO in Ålesund.

1938 NO-RO-KO is sold and shared by the "Oil Cartel". Magnus O. Kleven founder R.O.P. Oljedepot A / S Ålesund together with manager Halfdan Hafstad, owner of Russian Oil Products A / S in Bergen.

1952 R.O.P. is sold to Nor & Vacuum A / S, an oil company consisting of former Sporveiens Bensindepot NOR A / S and Norsk Vacuum Oil Company A / S. Later, the company name is changed continuously to Mobil Oil Nor and Mobil Oil A / S Norway.

1963 Andor M. Kleven is hired as manager in the Ålesund district for sales and operations in Møre og Romsdal.

1971 Mobil Bunker Service A / S Ålesund enters into a contract with Mobil where Andor M. Kleven becomes manager at Hessa Tankanlegg and takes over as dealer for Mobil's customer base in Sunnmøre except for the gas stations and MRF.

1991 Jan Magnus Kleven takes over as CEO Bunker Service A / S (formerly ROP Oljedepot A / S) .

1992 Mobil withdraws from Norway on the fuel side and sells part of its business and tanker facilities north of Stadt to Bunker Service A / S against 20 years supply agreement on Mobil lubricants applicable from 01.10.92.

1998 Bunker Oil Nor AS and Bunker Oil Syd AS merge - to Bunker Oil AS with main administration in Ålesund and regional office in Tromsø.

1999 Merger between Exxon and Mobil

2005 Bunker Oil signs distribution contract with Mobil Oil

2009 Bunker Oil takes over 16 oil terminals from Shell .

2010 Bunker Oil acquires T. Helgesen AS in Bergen, which becomes the subsidiary Bunker Oil Bergen AS.

2013 Number of distributors of Mobil reduced to 2.

2015 Number of Gas stations: 30

2016 Number of Gas stations: 60

2017 Has 65 gas stations and now 45 employees.

2017 Builds new tanker, Coastal Bunker II baptized in November

2018 ISO 9001: 2015 Certified Quality System Certification

2018 Purchases plant Olavsvern, Tromsø

2018 Purchases plant Kirkenes

2019 New plant Hessa Tank plant completed

2019 Number of Gas stations: 70